Feeling a bit sluggish half way through your working day? What about something to help you refocus and return to your afternoon to do list with a new sense of mental clarity?

Lunchtime yoga could be the answer and if you work in Dublin 2, it is right at your doorstep!

I am delighted to be partnering with the lovely team from Beehive Wellness Centre and lead a lunch time yoga class in their beautiful location on Tara Street (just opposite the healthy-eating cafe PÓG ).

A few reasons why lunchtime yoga is a good idea:

-Improves your mood, leaving you more energetic and confident.

-Improves your posture, so beneficial especially if you're sitting down at a desk all day.

-Increases mental clarity, focus and productivity, so make sure to leave the most important decisions/tasks for the afternoon :)

-You're more likely to choose a healthier, more nourishing lunch after your yoga session.

-Get your workout done at lunchtime, perfect for those days when you just feel too exhausted to work out after work.

I'll be waiting for your every Monday at Beehive Wellness Centre, Tara Street, D2 (just opposite the healthy-eating cafe PÓG ).

*Mats provided free of charge

In the meantime ...

... Breathe In ... Breathe Out...


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