What are we chasing?


“We Are Always Getting Ready to Live but Never Living" Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a world of constant movement and distractions, where there’s a million places we’d like to be and a multitude of things we’d love to do.

Also thanks to the world of technology, we’re always doing something or preparing to do something, planning what is going to happen next. Since our early years, we copy our elder siblings, wanting to do what grown ups do, we cannot wait to grow up, go to school, then go to college and get out of the house. After that, we cannot wait to finish college and get a job, so we can be independent, then we cannot wait until vacations and finally we really look forward to our retirement. So we’re constantly preparing to live, rushing through our moments, seeking a better situations than the one we’re in, thinking "I'll be happier once I'll have (more money, a better job, a partner, a bigger house etc.)

This is the way we miss out on living our lives.

But why are we doing that? What would we work so hard on missing on living our lives? Because we are disconnected from our true selves and we're having a hard time finding the courage to accept who we really are, with good and bad and greet ourselves with love and appreciation.

In fairness, our lives often are busy. There are certain things we have to get done, however there is a way we can do this, while still staying connected and balanced in our lives.

And how we can do that?

Instead of chasing for the latest smartphone or working out extra hard to get a rounder posterior, all is asked from you is to pause and for a few moments do nothing. Wait a minute, what do you mean “Do NOTHING?”

Simply becoming comfortable with completely pausing at least for a couple of minutes a day. And by doing nothing I mean no phone, no tv, no radio, no music, just you in stillness, observing how you feel as you pause completely, becoming more present. You’re required to simply be who you are, no pressure, not having to worry about meeting someone’s expectations.

It sounds simple and should be, however, our brain is trained to be constantly entertained, so that’s why most of us will prefer to go the “easy way” chasing material things, or chasing other people to fulfil them.

Yoga Asana is the place where we can start our shift towards becoming more present, and

can help immensely by simply pulling ourselves away from all distractions as we step on to our mats. Using the flow of movement and breath as an opportunity for introspection, returning to a calm centre, where we stop seeking and surrender to what is, feeling at peace and at ease with ourselves and where we are at this point in our lives.

However, as we discover Asana and start to learn more and more about the postures, it is very possible to manifest on the mat our tendency to chase for more. Rather than trying to master a pose, think about what are you feeling in each posture? What thoughts form in your mind? Are you frustrated that you're not able to do the full expression of the pose? Are you thinking what pose is coming next? The more we do the practice every day, we learn more about ourselves. We learn to observe these thoughts and feelings, and better manage our reactions.

Try to notice next time when you find yourself getting ready for the next thing, see if you can come back to the now and take it from there, one step at a time, not wasting a single moment.

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