Why Power Vinyasa Yoga?

Yoga came into my life around 5 years ago and from all the different styles I've tried over the years, all with great benefits to my wellbeing, Power Vinyasa is the style I grew very fond of, incorporating it into both my daily practice and teaching.

And why is that?

Power Vinyasa is a combination of Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (Flow), the perfect blend of effort and ease. An ideal combination to me, fusing together strength and flexibility, body and breath awareness, a Power Vinyasa Flow is a complete practice for body, mind and spirit.

The vigorous and revitalising Power element is vital in my life as it is the best way to release accumulated stress and tension in the body and mind. The physical energy generated through body postures (Asana) allows the body to feel rejuvenated. Incorporating in the flow elements of strength, flexibility, balance, Power Vinyasa will build noticeable physical and mental stamina even after only one session; however, a constant, committed practice will be even more effective. But as too much power, too much fire, will lead to burning yourself out, the Flow Element comes into play, to balance and compliment the strength and stamina with breath awareness and fluid transitions. The emphasis on breath (and the use of Pranayama, breathing exercises), used as a focal point to guide you and to keep you grounded in your body, especially when the mind wants to distract you, will build mental stamina, providing the mind with the opportunity to release stress as well. It is much easier to focus our mind on physical movement and Power Vinyasa offers you plenty of that.

From a teacher point of view, the versatility of the Flow offers the freedom to play with creative flow sequences and to propose students variations to modify, intensify, or challenge their body by adjusting the pace, depth or duration of poses, and the frequency that they are repeated. This is a great option to have, as we all have days when we feel a stronger and want to explore and expand our horizon, but also says when we’d rather slow down and skip the Chaturangas or the Handstand Hops.

As all types of Yoga do, Power Vinyasa has multiple physical and mental benefits which include:

-More efficient metabolism.

- Improved circulation and oxygenation of the body.

- Cardiovascular conditioning

- Release of physical and mental stress

- Promotes inner peace

- Increased mental focus

If some of the things I've talked about above have sparked your curiosity and you'd like to try a Power Vinyasa class to explore your physical and mental depths, you can find my Open level schedule here. If you're completely new to yoga, I've also just added a new weekly class, Fundamentals of Power Vinyasa, where we'll be learning breathing exercises, will break down repetitive poses (Chaturanga, Down Dog, Warriors etc) and explore the creation of fluid transitions through poses. More details and booking link here.

See you soon on the mat!

In the meantime...

... Breathe In, Breathe Out...


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